Sterimar allergy spray is your
100% natural solution against

User-friendly and comprised of 100% natural ingredients, Sterimar allergy spray is a device meticulously designed to provide you and your loved ones with a practical and efficient solution in preventing allergy symptoms.

And yet, what are allergies?

Allergies are reactions in which the body exhibits an immune response to certain stimuli from the surrounding environment. Their symptoms can significantly impact your health and daily productivity, which is why it is ideal to have an effective and safe solution at hand to protect your body.

Sterimar allergy spray is the one that helps you quickly combat the unpleasant symptoms of allergies and regain your well-being.

Yes, it’s that easy!

What about allergens?

There are various factors that we come into contact with every day that can trigger respiratory allergies, such as pollen, dust, damp or dry mold spores, pet dander, or dust mites.

Unfortunately, it’s practically impossible to avoid all of them in your daily activities, whether at home or outdoors. However, what you can do is help your body cope with the symptoms caused by these allergens. For us, the solution is within reach for everyone.

Choose Sterimar allergy spray!

Symptoms of respiratory allergies

Irritated nose

Allergies manifest themselves through frequent itching or a sensation of itchiness.

Dry cough

Symptoms can also include difficulty breathing or wheezing, also known as whistling breath.

Red eyes

Allergies can also manifest through tearing, red or swollen eyes.

Nasal congestion

This symptom occurs due to the mucus generated upon contact with triggering allergens.


It is caused by allergens such as pollen, pet dander, dust, or dust mites.

Runny nose

This manifests as abundant, watery, or clear nasal secretions.

Do allergies bother you?

A puff of Sterimar allergy spray and it gets better.

Indeed, allergies can cause significant discomfort and limit your activities during certain times of the year, restrict your travel to certain destinations, or interfere with various tasks and enjoyable activities.

Unfortunately, symptoms can worsen, leading to a range of conditions with long- term consequences for your health. These can include allergic rhinitis or conjunctivitis (affecting both the respiratory system and the eyes, known as allergic rhinoconjunctivitis), and even allergic asthma.

Sterimar allergy spray helps you effectively combat all these symptoms, protecting your body and maintaining optimal health.

Do you feel vulnerable to allergies?
Sterimar allergy spray is here to help!

It’s and efficient in relieving symptoms.

Natural and gentle on your body.

Cleanses and hydrates

Provides optimal nasal hygiene and relieves the sensation of irritation. It helps moisturize nasal tissues, providing a pleasant soothing sensation.

Quickly stops allergy symptoms

It relieves the pressure felt in the sinuses due to nasal congestion and reduces the amount of mucus produced upon contact with allergens.

Prevents and protects

It creates a protective barrier that prevents irritation. Using Sterimar allergy spray helps reduce the frequency of allergic rhinitis episodes by up to 42%.*
*According to a 5-month observational study comparing the frequency of allergic rhinitis episodes in individuals using Sterimar to combat symptoms versus the control group receiving standard treatment for this condition. (M. Grasso et al., 2018)

100% natural

No steroids, active medicinal substances, or preservatives – you can use it without worries whenever you need it. Sterimar allergy spray is a product that does not produce side effects and does not interfere with other methods of allergy management.

Easy to use and clean

Easy to use, it was designed to be quickly sanitized. The spray can be easily cleaned, which is necessary to prevent the possibility of contamination of the container with the secretions it removes.

No addictive substances

The use of Sterimar spray does not carry the risk of withdrawal symptoms. It is effective and gentle on the immune system and does not contain synthetic substances that can cause dependence.

Where can you find Sterimar allergy spray?

In all pharmacies throughout our country, and if you encounter any difficulties in finding it, send us a message here!

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