infectii si nas infundat

Sterimar - nasal spray for nasal congestion

Respiratory infections can manifest themselves through a series of unpleasant symptoms. From a general state of exhaustion or fever to a runny nose or a permanently stuffy nose. Discover Sterimar nasal spray for nasal congestion, stuffy nose and respiratory infections.


To be able to continue your daily activities and to cope more easily with the respiratory infections that put your health to the test, Sterimar offers you an effective, fast-acting solution that combats the symptoms of respiratory tract infections and relieves the discomfort caused by them.

What are the causes of nasal congestion?


Nasal congestion doesn’t just occur due to heavy secretions caused by a cold or respiratory infection.

The way these conditions work is to cause inflammation of the tissues, which leads to the narrowing of the nostrils and therefore to difficulty in breathing and increased discomfort.

The Sterimar device for nasal congestion disperses a fine layer of seawater particles, which remain in contact with the nasal mucosa for a long time and reduce inflammation.
By doing so, Sterimar sanitizes the nasal cavity and soothes the irritated tissue.

Breathing becomes pleasant and comfortable, the body is helped to recover faster after infection and the worsening of symptoms is prevented.

How do infections make a stuffy nose worse?


Because most respiratory infections are transmitted by inhaling infected particles from another sick person, the nasal mucosa is usually the first to suffer the consequences of the infection.


Excess mucus leads to labored breathing and significant sinus pressure, which can affect your health, appetite, energy levels, or sleep quality.


Sterimar nasal spray for nasal congestion helps you keep nasal congestion under control by acting exactly where it’s needed.

Symptoms that can be treated with nasal spray for nasal congestion

Stuffy nose


Breathing difficulties

The feeling of a heavy head

Frequent sneezing

Sinus inflammation

Sterimar nasal spray for nasal congestion – the puff solution that helps you breathe eeeeasy


Sterimar acts directly on the nasal mucosa, thanks to the unique micro diffusion application technique.

The very fine drops of seawater soothe the irritation caused by the infection, resulting in a pleasant sensation and reduced inflammation of the nasal mucosa.

At the same time, Sterimar nasal spray for nasal congestion helps you get rid of excess mucus and reduce the frequency of nasal congestion episodes, so you can breathe easily again and prevent your symptoms from getting worse.

sterimar pentru nas infundat si infectii

The Sterimar nasal spray for nasal congestion has a lot of benefits

Acts exactly where you need it

Eliminates inflammatory agents, so that the affected tissue regains its normal dimensions and stops breathing obstruction.

Sanitizes the nasal cavity and combats the effects of the dry atmosphere, which can aggravate the discomfort felt due to the infection.

Sterimar nasal spray for nasal congestion removes excess mucus and allows for quick and painless removal of nasal secretions for easy breathing.

Prevents worsening of infections

Limits the risk of other ENT complications and prevents worsening of respiratory infections by effectively cleaning the nose and combating symptoms.

Optimizes the effect of recommended treatment in case of respiratory infections and ensures faster recovery and shorter convalescence.

Sterimar nasal spray for nasal congestion can be used up to 6 times a day for severe nasal congestion with no side effects and no addiction.

Sterimar anti-infection and nasal decongestant products

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