Do you suffer from allergies?

Effective and fast in the fight against allergies.

Spray cu apă de mare contra alergiilor

Infections and stuffy nose?

It gently decongests the nasal paths.

Spray cu apă de mare pentru nas infundat

Want to prevent infections?

Barrier against viral and bacterial infections.

Spray cu apă de mare preventia infectiilor

100% safe for children and babies

Nasal seawater spray for babies.

Cleans and unclogs the little ones’ noses.


The products from the Baby and Kids range can be used from the first day of life. Sterimar protects against infections, cleans and unblocks the nasal passages for comfortable breathing. It helps prevent colds and promotes natural breathing.

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Spray cu apă de mare copii bebelusi

Recommended for:

  • Elimination of allergens

  • Prevention of allergic rhinitis

Sterimar Mn – Mangan nasal seawater spray of high physiological solution (salt concentration similar to that of body cells), enriched with the trace element manganese.

The 100% natural sea water solution, enriched with manganese, can help the sensitive nose in the fight against aggressions caused by allergens, such as: pollen, air pollution (ozone peaks), animal hair (dogs, cats), etc.

Sterimar is available in all pharmacies in the country

Sterimar Mn antialergii
Preventia racelii, preventia infectiilor, preventia sinuzitei Sterimar

Sterimar Cu – Cupru nasal seawater spray remedy for the prevention of viral nasal infections.

Recommended for:

  • Nasal infections (colds, rhinitis, sinusitis)

  • Prevention of other ENT infections

Sterimar Cu – Cupru helps prevent infections.

For adults and children suffering from infections with nasal symptoms.

The isotonic solution of sea water, enriched with copper, can help the sensitive nose to face colds, viral or bacterial contaminations.


  • Eliminates excess mucus

  • Decogests the inflamed nasal mucosa

  • Optimizes the effect of other treatments

Available in all pharmacies in Romania

Sterimar nasal seawater spray

Your little secret…


Always ready for your everyday challenges – blocked nose, dry nose, allergies, allergic or chronic rhinitis, a runny nose – we are your ally when it comes to the prevention and treatment of nasal and sinus conditions.


No pain. No addiction.

Sterimar Nasal Spray is a unique spray based on sea water.

Whether you use it independently or as a complementary treatment, Sterimar Nasal Spray helps rapidly cure infections and improves allergy simptoms, prevents the risk of further nasal conditions such as allergic reactions and help the nostrils’ natural cleansing.

Any Sterimar nasal seawater spray is safe, easy to use and painless

Prim the spray by shortly pressing the device’s button.

Press the button without tilting your head back and without sniffing.

Gently blow your nose.

Clean the nozzle after each use with lukewarm soapy water, rinse and let dry.

Because curing is not enough.

Prevention leads to better quality of life

igiena nazala zilnica
Nas uscat
nas infundat
Rinita alergica
nas Sensibil

* Clinical studies have confirmed that Sterimar works both as treatment as well as a method of prevention. See the resultshere.

If your stuffy nose is tormenting you every day,
you owe yourself at least a PUF! of Sterimar seawater spray.

Both you and your family are almost always exposed to various pollutants – cigarette smoke, dust, allergens, etc – and the nose sffers every time. Under such constant pressure, your nose gets blocked. And everybody’s hurting.


Nasal congestion

You realize your nose’s major importance when you can’t breathe normally during an important interview, when you always get a runny nose, when your head hurts from the nasal congestion and when after all this blowing and hurting, your nose wallows painfully in itches and irritations and it stings too.

Nasal congestion and infections in children

Even if you do everything you can for your little one to enjoy an environment that’s as healthy and clean as possible, somehow, unwittingly irritation and mucus slip into your child’s life. How can you help that?

Sea water spray for dry nose

Perhaps it’s because of the room’s humidity, perhaps it’s allergens, or simply because of the cold. You don’t know anymore. What you do know for certain is that your nasal mucosa feels dry and it stings.imte uscată și ustură.

Hay fever

The last time you ever breathed right through your nose at the beginning of winter or spring you were 6 years old. You know nasal health is no joke because it is important for you, as it is for everyone else, to be able to breathe normally.

Nasal seawater spray for daily nasal hygiene

We know something always happens and you can’t spread yourself any thinner between your job, your family and your hobbies and there’s never time for you to take care of your nose properly. Actually, when considering daily hygiene, most people never include nasal hygiene in their morning routine together with oral hygiene and showering.

Class A medical device

Sigla Sterimar pt copii

Especially for mommy:

Look for the Baby label.

Articles and products

dedicated to

mothers feature this label.

Frequently asked questions about Sterimar Seawater Spray

How does Sterimar work?

Sterimar uses a microdiffusion system producing very fine droplets which, sprayed into the nose, removes not only excessive mucus but other allergens endangering your nasal health as well.

This seawater nasal solution or spray works by drawing fluids from the mucous membrane back into the nasal cavity where it can be easily cleared by blowing your nose.

Sterimar Copper and Sterimar Manganese are used during infectious episodes or hay fever, and the Copper and Manganese in their composition make the product more efficient, enhancing its properties and thus helping the organism fight against irritants and infections. The whole process is quick, gentle, and painless.

Can I use Sterimar together with other medicine?

Yes. Sterimar seawater spray does not contain synthetic active substances or preservatives, so there are no known risks of interaction with other drugs. Whatever your situation, it’s always a good idea to double check with your doctor.

Can I use Sterimar on children under the age of 3 y/o?

Yes, Sterimar Isotonic sea water spray is suitable for the whole family, even for babies from 3 months. Sterimar Hypertonic is right for all adults and for children starting age 3 and Sterimar Baby is part of a new Sterimar line and can be used on children from birth to 3 months.

How often can I use Sterimar?

We recommend using Sterimar Isotonic and Sterimar Baby 2 to 6 times a day, in each nostril, for however long you feel it is necessary or for however long your doctor recommends.


Sterimar Hypertonic is recommended for short periods of time only. Use it 2 to 4 times a day in each nostril for light congestion or up to 6 times a day for heavy congestion.

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