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Sterimar nasal spray for kids - Unblocks and cleans children's noses, for easy breathing

The cold season, allergies, and preschool or school environment are the main factors that could lead to frequent colds or often stuffy noses for little ones. Although those are episodes of discomfort for both children and parents, these are natural stages of development and many of the symptoms can be efficiently prevented or relieved, with an adequate solution: Sterimar nasal spray for kids.

Sterimar products are designed to remove nasal secretions effectively and safely and protect the respiratory system from allergens or the complications of the symptoms.

Why choose Sterimar nasal spray for kids?

Natural & Safe

With 100% natural ingredients, without preservatives, steroids or synthetic substances, Sterimar is your ally in the fight against seasonal colds or respiratory allergies.

The comfort of breathing

It delicately cleans even the most sensitive nose, and helps the little ones to regain their good mood or sleep peacefully, without the discomfort created by excess nasal secretions.

Pocket size

You can use it anytime your little one needs help breathing easily, and it doesn’t interfere with recommended treatments for allergies or colds.

Isotonic and hypertonic solutions

A natural aid in caring for your little one’s nose, for daily hygiene or if you need to combat nasal congestion.

Simple “Puff” to use

The Sterimar nasal spray for kids device distributes a fine layer of seawater particles, through a unique micro diffusion technique, and helps you quickly free your baby’s nose of abundant secretions.

It prevents complications

Using it to prevent or combat cold and allergy symptoms, helps you fight against ENT complications that may occur if the symptoms do not improve.

Sterimar supports children's cheerfulness, protecting them from the disturbing symptoms of colds and allergies

Excessive nasal secretions, which can prevent the little one from breathing easily, can affect his general condition, his appetite and sleep.

Sterimar nasal spray for kids ensures optimal hygiene in the nasal cavity and allows the rapid elimination of accumulated secretions.

Frequent colds and surrounding allergens are more difficult for little ones, and their body needs help to overcome these conditions more easily.

Sterimar nasal spray for kids acts gently and quickly on the sensitive nasal membrane, freeing the nasal passage of secretions and preventing the complication of symptoms.

Safe for use from birth to 3 years, the Sterimar nasal spray for kids device is equipped with a specially designed nuzzle that safely disperses the seawater solution, even for babies’ sensitive noses.

It quickly decongests babies’ noses and soothes irritated nasal mucosa, to let your child breathe easily and without discomfort.

Sterimar for family

The packaging is different for children?

Your baby’s nostrils are more sensitive and smaller than yours. We know this and for this reason, all the products in Sterimar Baby line have a different package.   To begin with, the dispersion of the sprays comes in a lower pressure with Baby products, than it does with the products for adults and children…


Can I use Sterimar Hypertonic for a long time?

Any Sterimar Hypertonic Nasal Spray, even the options for adults can be easily used by children after the age of 3. Designed to function as treatment in case of colds or other nose conditions, the products in this particular line should not be used for longer than 10-15 days. Their salt concentration is higher than…


Can I use Sterimar for aerosols?

Sterimar’s packaging allows you to spray at any angle. This starts being an advantage when your little one is restless and before spraying anything in the baby’s nose, you need to play a very serious game of hide-and-seek (even if your child is still very young and hide-and-seek means covering your eyes). Moreover, the fact…


What kind of nasal aspirator should I use?

So I managed to relieve my baby’s nasal congestion. What kind of aspirator should I use now to clean the nose?   If there’s one thing that can ruin any child’s day, that would be a stuffy nose. Unfortunately, your kid doesn’t yet know how to blow his nose himself so he needs you to…


Sea Water Nasal spray for kids and babies. Sterimar

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