Use of Stérimar in ENT hygiene

SOURCE: B Azoulay, ENT outpatients, Saint-Cloud Hospital, France. Gazzette Medicale 1987: 94:31

Sterimar helped with nose-blowing, drainage of the nasal cavities and improved nasal hygiene.

Sterimar as a factor in nasal hygiene

SOURCE: J Bruker, ENT department, Centre medico-chirurgical Foch, Suresnes, France. Gazette Medicale 1989: 96: 42

Sterimar improved clinical symptoms in patients suffering from rhinitis, rhinosinusitis, or rhinopharyngitis. The convenience of the treatment and absence of any side effects were also demonstrated.

Sterimar in rhinopharyngeal disinfection in children

SOURCE: P Contencin, ENT department, Hospital Robert Debre, Paris, France. La revue de Pediatrie 1989, 25: 421-3

Children suffering from obstructive or dry rhinitis were treated with Stérimar which was found to be safe and effective.

Review of Clinical studies – Sterimar nasal Spray

Alkiewicz J, Marcinkowski K Department of Peadiatric Pnuemology and Allergology, Institute of Pediatrics, Poznon. New Paediatrics 2002; 4: 277-80

Nasal Hygiene is important not just when suffering from congestion but also on a daily basis. Stérimar was a well tolerated and safe treatment for children with infections and hayfever.

Usefulness of Hypertonic sea water in rhinology

Freche CH Hospital Americain de Paris, Nuielly, France. Revue Officielle de la Societe Francaise d’O.R.L. 1998; 50:4

A hypertonic sea water solution improves swelling and relieves symptoms of infectious and allergic nasal conditions. It also seems to help decrease the irritation and excess mucus production associated with nose and sinus disorders.

Use of Stérimar in common rhinosinisutis

A Marsac, ENT Department, Cochin Hospital, Paris, France. Les Cahiers d’oto-laryngologie, de chirurgie cervico-faciale et d’audiophonolgie 1989; 24: 799-800

Rhinosinisutis symptoms disappeared in patients treated with Sterimar. Treatment was also shown to be excellent in terms of tolerance and acceptability.

Sterimar respiratory relief and allergic rhinitis in adults

J Fougerol, ENT Department, Broussais Hospital, Paris, France. Gazzette Medicale 1992: 99: 41-2

Sterimar was recommended for the relief from the symptoms of allergic rhinitis; there were no side affects.

Nasal cleansing as part of the treatment of chronic rhinosunitis

G Scadding, Rhinology department, Royal National Throat Nose and Ear Hospital, London Rhinology 1999; 37: 29-32

Sterimar improved symptoms in patients with rhinosinusitis. The treatment was also shown to have excellent safety and acceptability.