The complete prevention and hygiene line for the entire family

A sea water nasal spray, pure, delicate and natural, suitable for the entire family, even for children. Sterimar does not contain additives or synthetic substances and can be used safely by pregnant women and people who cannot use traditional medicine.

Sterimar can be used daily in order to delicately hydrate and cleanse the nasal mucosa, in order to improve symptoms of dry or runny noses and symptoms associated with allergies, colds, rhinitis, sinusitis and rhino-pharyngitis.

Sterimar can also be used in order to cure nasal congestion and blocked noses associated with rhino-sinusitis and chronic rhinitis without running the risk of withdrawal symptoms after finishing the treatment.

40 years of excellence in the treatment and prevention of nasal infections

Sterimar- punct colectare apa

We always use the purest ingredients nature has to offer. The sea water used to make Sterimar is collected in France, from the deep waters of Cancale, 200 km from the shore where the water is not perturbed by the coast marine currents. After verifying its purity, the water is sterilized and dilluted to become isotonic. After collecting, the water is also filtered and microbiologically controlled in order to produce an aseptic sea water without preservatives. The sea water is categorized as class A by IFREMER (French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea)

About the packaging

Each dose of Sterimar spray is aseptic. The non-return valve prohibits any air contamination into the package so the solution stays perfectly aseptic after each use. Thus, Sterimar can be used safely again until the product runs out completely.  

The microdiffusion effect is produced by the nozzle which is specially designed for Sterimar. The device is fit for all nostril sizes and blocks itself after use: it can be safely used on the tiny nostrils of babies as well as on the nostrils of an adult. Its diameter is able to adapt to all nostril sizes and prevents any risks when inserting the nozzle into the nostrils of a baby.

Sterimar has patented the most advanced spray system. The sea water solution is separated from the package by the gas. 

The tube contains an inert gas (nitrogen) which ensures pressure and allows microdiffusion for better assimilation of trace elements by the cells of the nasal mucosa.

The solution is kept is a sealed and sterilized pocket. It can be used without risks up to the expiry date (3 years from the opening of the can), repeatedly, until the solution runs out.

Nota Bene: The nozzle cannot cause injury and cannot be inserted too far into the nostril.