preventia infectiilor respiratorii

Sterimar - for Prevention of Respiratory Infections

Sterimar is a 100% natural product with proven anti-infective and antibacterial action, for the prevention of respiratory infections (according to a study carried out on 565 people in 2015, Israel and Paris Study 2013/2014).
It is your ally in the prevention and relief of symptoms caused by respiratory infections, with a gentle and effective action. It can be used by children or adults to combat nasal congestion, and irritation of the nasal mucous membranes, and to ensure optimal hygiene of the nose in common colds or seasonal respiratory viruses.

What are respiratory infections?



Respiratory infections are one of the most common ailments in the cold season, both for adults and children.

They can be viral or bacterial and are popularly called colds. They can manifest in the upper respiratory tract through a sore throat, nasal secretions, nasal congestion, fever, and general fatigue.

In the lower respiratory tract, they can lead to conditions such as pharyngitis, bronchitis, or even pneumonia.

Prevention of respiratory infections or how do we protect ourselves?


Most commonly, respiratory infections are caused by viruses. They are transmitted very quickly, by inhaling the infected particles.
The best way to prevent them is to maintain proper hygiene.
It is recommended to wash your hands as often as possible, avoid crowded areas, pay special attention to the hygiene of the respiratory system, and have a balanced diet, to protect your body from frequent respiratory infections.

Sterimar helps you prevent infections by maintaining the hygiene and hydration of the nasal mucosa, and relieves the symptoms caused by respiratory infections.

What are the symptoms of respiratory infections?

Abundant nasal secretions


Nasal congestion

Throat inflammation, with discomfort when swallowing



A natural solution for the prevention of respiratory infections

Acts quickly and soothes irritated nasal mucosa

It is ideal for the prevention of respiratory infections, ensures optimal hygiene in the nasal cavity, essential for preventing the worsening of infections.

Helps the nose to quickly eliminate accumulated secretions, to facilitate breathing without discomfort

Provides a pleasant sensation of soothing the nasal mucosa, inflamed due to respiratory infection

Natural and effective in the fight against unpleasant symptoms

Contains no preservatives or synthetic substances, and does not induce addiction or withdrawal symptoms. It can be used whenever needed for prevention of respiratory infections. It can be used whenever needed.

These are found in very small amounts in the human body. It stimulates the body’s self-defense systems and helps maintain health.

*For Sterimar Nasal Spray with Manganese and Sterimar Copper products

The device allows for easy application and can be sanitized after use to prevent contamination from one user to another.

You can also use Sterimar nasal spray with sea water for prevention of respiratory infections

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